Electronic Warfare

Electronic Jamming Systems & Solutions

Shoghi offers a unique mix of active jamming systems under its Electronic Warfare umbrella which target various communication systems, broadcast media and electronic systems. Products like FM jammers or C/Ku Band jammers for electronic attack on satellite TV transmissions for purposes of prevention of seditious propaganda in vulnerable areas of nations are available which can be used for maintaining law and order by their governments.

Capability for jamming mobile networks in sensitive areas like military bases or prisons or jamming of combat net radio transmission of military are offered in suitable configurations. Jamming of mobile networks or civilian radio transmissions to prevent attacks using RCIEDs is also provided in vehicular and man portable configurations for use by security forces and military personnel. Other Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) include use of measures to jam the satellite navigation services like GPS or Galileo in sensitive areas against both conventional and satellite navigated threats. The ELINT systems for detection of both ground based and airborne radars operating in all radar bands also are grouped under the Shoghi EW umbrella.


Electronic Warfare Solutions

RCIED Jammers
RCIED Jammer

.A RCIED or Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Device has become a more common threat..

Radio jamming systems
RF Jammer

.Radio jamming systems are intended to deliberately disrupt radio signals transmission of unwanted..

Anti-Drone System
Anti-Drone System

Detection, Triangulation and Neutralization of Single or Swarm of UAVs/Drones from 3 -50Km range...

Area Protection System
Area Protection Jammer

.Area Protection System is designed to protect a defined area from threats like unwarranted communications..


.Shoghi’s Electronic Support Measures (ESM) are designed for electronic warfare techniques involving actions..


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